The Faculty of Security Studies hosted the meeting in Belgrade, on July 8th and July 9th with National Protection and Rescue Directorate as Coordinator of the Project RECIPE 2015 and University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica.

During the first day of meeting, participants presented conclusions of national panel discussions held in Belgrade and Zagreb, on 16th and 17th of June and exchanged ideas on forming national standpoints as following activity of Project RECIPE and base for joint Workshops. Besides members of Consortium, has also participated experts from Serbia which has contributed with their knowledge and experiences in domain of public-private partnership and the exchange of confidential data between stakeholders in Critical Infrastructure Protection System, two of three basic objectives of the project, including establishment of the Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection. On July 9th, main focus of the meeting was technical organization of joint Workshops planned for fall 2015, followed by discussion on performance of Feasibility studies and current issues regarding RECIPE 2015.