With the date 30/06/2016 project "RECIPE 2015" has reached its official end.
National Protection and Rescue Directorate as coordinator of the project is very satisfied of results achieved and the great cooperation among the project consortium. We would like to thank everybody who has participated and gave contribution as institution/organization or as individual in any manner in our work during the past year on this project. Actions and efforts regarding fulfillment of our project objectives recognized during RECIPE project will be continued along with preserving of the cooperation and links between national and international stakeholders established through the project. Through main activities conducted during "RECIPE  2015": panel discussions, joint workshops, international conference, follow-up strategy and all of deliverables (Guidelines, National Standpoints, Feasibility Studies) made during implementation of the project, we have facilitated exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice among our partner countries and Member States included. After "RECIPE 2015", we are planning to continue dealing with CIP activities such as: participation at international events addressing CIP issues, continuous building up of the CIP stakeholder's network, participation and organization of workshops (education and training) with public and private stakeholders in the related area, transfer of lessons learnt in the project (to other Member States and beyond) and implementing follow-up strategy which has given basis to future cooperation modalities and solutions on need in the CI management system.