Panel discussions among security critical infrastructure coordinators from the central state bodies, representatives of scientific institutions, representatives of the regulatory agencies and experts from legal entities that represent potential national critical infrastructure resulted with producing national standpoints on the following topics:


  • Assessment of the current national CIP-related legislation and practices, its strongholds and deficiencies and the potentials for improvement
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to CIP system
  • Assessment of applicability of available risk analysis models and tools
  • Analysis of critical infrastructure interdependencies and identification/review of identified ECIs as regards their compliance with Directive 2008/114/EC requirements
  • Challenges of setting up procedural strategies aimed at enhanced cooperation and communication between national stakeholders (relevant state and private sectors and scientific community) and between relevant stakeholders at international level
  • Study of the future modalities of efficient experience exchange and transfer of knowledge among relevant stakeholders.
The discussions aimed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices among participants, increasing awareness and knowledge of the risks and threats to critical infrastructures and forming conditions to improve communication among shareholders at both national and international level and between public and private sector.