Feasibility studies are conducted for assessement of best practicies implementation applicability to partner countries (Croatia and Serbia) critical infrastracture protection systems, according to their implementation potential.

RECIPE 2015 Croatia Feasibility Study of the Model of Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Republic of Croatia

The drafters of the study of RECIPE 2015 project have, in accordance with the objectives and planned results, prepared a proposal of the model of critical infrastructure management in the Republic of Croatia. The barycentre of the model is focused on three key areas, namely the establishment of the National Center on critical infrastructure, the establishment of a system for key information exchange and the model of public-private partnership in critical infrastructure protection. The three main areas are set out in detail by the processes and sub-processes that are planned for the realisation of the main objective. Through the feasibility study, we evaluated in details whether the planned processes and tasks are feasible regarding the legal-formal environment and other factors of influence.

RECIPE 2015 Serbia Feasibility Study of Serbian Model for Establishment of Critical Infrastructure Protection System

The Republic of Serbia belongs to the group of countries where the organisation of the state and legal order stems from the European continental tradition. In this context, the state represents a very important and central place for the regulation of relationships in terms of the authorities and responsibilities of the institutions for regulating individual social processes. Managing and ensuring the continuity of critical infrastructure certainly belongs among them. From this perspective, it is necessary to congratulate the research team at the Faculty of Security, which also through the RECIPE project guarantees exactly that basis which is essential for faster and more effective steps in establishing a system of critical infrastructure protection. This is definitely a proper understanding of the importance of critical infrastructure and familiarisation with the possible steps that are the result of the comparative study and good practices, which are included in the proposal for the establishment of the Serbian model of building a system of critical infrastructure protection.